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Illinois' 3-8 grade assessment system is broken and needs REAL INPUT to be fixed.

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Join us in our efforts to help fix Illinois' assessment system.

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Call Your Lawmakers

Call your state legislators to tell them you oppose ISBE's proposal to
increase state testing to three times per year and expand K-2 testing. Urge them to ask ISBE to
work with all stakeholders to build a more balanced assessment system from the ground up.

Share Your Story

Help spread the word by sharing your story about how we should teach not test.

Send us your story through our secure form: Share Your Story

Tell Your Testing Story

Help spread the word about the Illinois State Board of Education's terrible testing proposal by telling your stories here.

Note: We will not share the names or contact information of any submissions without prior consent. We may use some excerpts from your stories to help spread the word about the flawed testing proposal. 

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