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The Illinois Federation of Teachers, Chicago Teachers Union, Illinois Families for Public Schools, Raise Your Hand, the Learning Association of Illinois, the Center for Urban Education Leadership, and other education stakeholders oppose the Illinois State Board of Education’s (ISBE) increased testing proposal. Our advocacy on grade 3-8 state testing is steadfast and simple. ISBE’s proposal fails to meet the needs of our kids, educators, and parents. Education resources should instead be spent on smaller class sizes, additional clinicians, and other supports that improve teaching and learning and promote healing for our students who have experienced unprecedented loss.



ISBE's proposal would cost more than $228 million over the next decade, yet there is no proof that interim tests promote better teaching or increased learning.


ISBE hasn't consulted those most impacted by the proposed change: Illinois families, students, and educators.


ISBE's proposal would increase high-stakes testing (3x/year) and test preparation time while decreasing meaningful instructional time.


ISBE's plan opens the door to mandatory K-2 standardized testing, which is developmentally inappropriate for early learners.


We know that when high-stakes ratings are attached to standardized tests, the result is often “teaching to the test.” Increasing high-stakes tests from one to three times each year will exacerbate this problem, especially in underserved Black and Brown communities.


Teach Not Test Lgo-d1.png

While we support the right of parents to send a message by opting their children out of this flawed and unfair testing system, the real solution is for Illinois to allow educators to Teach Not Test. If you want to help correct a testing system that is failing our students, join our coalition!

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Call your state legislators to tell them you oppose ISBE's proposal toincrease state testing to three times per year and expand K-2 testing. Urge them to ask ISBE towork with all stakeholders to build a more balanced assessment system from the ground up.

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